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Make wing replacement easy with Eagle Wings.
You can specify mount locations, widths, colors, and side panel size.
Check out some of the options available to you. Wings can be picked up at Whip City or nose wings can be shipped for your final assembly.
Step #1; how wide a nose wing?
Standard sizes are 24" & 30"
Step # 2;
Where are the mounts spaced on your car?
Step #3;
Don't forget the color!
Mill finish, polished aluminum, gold,
black, and white.
Powder coating is available too.
Step #4, side panels,
How tall, 10", 12", other sizes???
Don't forget colors, mill, polished, black, white, gold and custom powder coating
Finally, your wing is ready
This is a 30" X 20" nose wing, polished center and 12" side panels, with mounts ready to be installed.
Mark McKeon photo
Greg Smith, Bailey 600 / Eagle wing kit